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Mom influencers are generally followed by mothers from all over the world for parenting guidance, recommendations for essential children’s items, and recipes. These mom influencers often work from home by collaborating with brands, creating content, and leveraging social media to foster a distinct community.

As a result, mom influencers can be a valuable resource for any brand trying to connect with this target demographic since they have developed a carefully cultivated and devoted following.

Here is a list of some mom influencers and their Instagram accounts with great engagement and following.

  1. Jessi Cruickshank

She is a passionate activist who devotes her spare time to volunteering and bringing attention to a variety of issues. She is best known for hosting her iconic New Mom, Who Dis? Facebook Watch series, which provides a platform for women to express their candid experiences surrounding motherhood with unmatched candor and humor.

Followers on Instagram: 148k

Engagement rate: 1.85%

  1. Sarah Nicole Landry

A divorced and remarried mother of four (ranging in age from babies to teens), Sarah Nicole Landry enjoys fostering meaningful social media dialogues about life and our experiences living it. Sarah is a proponent of body confidence, a speaker, a writer, a six-time cover girl, and a regular podcast host.

Followers on Instagram: 2.2M

Engagement rate: 1.74%

  1. Christel Khalil

Christel is a mom, a storyteller, and a traveler.

Followers on Instagram: 121k

  1. Kristen Gottwald

Kristen conveys the unvarnished realities of motherhood with comedy and relatability. She advocates self-love. 

Followers on Instagram: 53.5k

Engagement rate: 2.4%

  1. Eden Grinshpan

Eden is the Top Chef Canada host, a cookbook author, and a mom.

Followers on Instagram: 220k 

Engagement rate: 4.34%

  1. Ana Klizs

A mom and a project manager and a Food, Fashion, Life & Decor Blogger.  Everyone adores her well-organized and stunning Instagram account, which features family, food, fitness, and photography stuff.

Followers on Instagram: 126k 

Engagement rate: 0.47%

  1. Valeria Lipovetsky

Valeria Lipovetsky is a mother of three and a multi-hyphenate fashion influencer, model, and designer. She is a YouTube star as well who posts about health, cosmetics, and other topics, and enjoys sharing bits of her life on social media.

Followers on Instagram: 2M

Engagement rate: 1.80%

  1. Noémie Dufresne

Noémie Dufresne, a content creator for the past ten years, is notable for the quality of her work and the originality of her numerous projects. Her avant-garde style and way of life perfectly capture the glitz of daily life.

Followers on Instagram: 291k

Engagement rate: 4.81%

  1. Caroline

Top Knot Living, a retail and lifestyle blog, is run by Caroline. She spent nearly seven years working in the field of digital marketing before having children. She now works online while spending most of her days at home with her children. In her Instagram profile, she displays her lifestyle through photos and material that perfectly combine home décor and family.

Followers on Instagram: 54k

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