There are so many different options available today for Internet Marketing. There’s Snapchat, Reddit, Quora, and of course Google. But as far as marketing for eCommerce stores is concerned, we strongly believe Facebook and Instagram are undoubtedly some of the best converting platforms. Not only it can generate amazing results for your business in a very short time, but the ROI can be really good compared to other platforms as now there are more than 2.85 billion monthly users on Facebook.

The audience is from different age groups, geographical locations and different interests and three top selling points for Facebook Advertising. If you consider other platforms, it is more suitable for a certain segment of audience or a very specific age group like TikTok is mostly used by teenagers and early 20s people.

Our first Facebook Marketing client itself ended up getting 4.75 ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) on an investment of $190,000 i.e. they generated $900,000+ revenue from that investment.

Things get really easy if you are using a Shopify store. The integration with Facebook Pixel, the ease of tracking the conversions and creating the most smooth flow for checkout experience are some of the main things a business needs to focus on Initially.

Twinkle PPC is a Toronto-based Facebook Ad Agency that has helped many small to medium clients with managing their store, improving the checkout flow, creating better landing pages & creating and managing the Facebook Ad campaigns.

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