instagram marketing agencies in toronto

With the assistance of Instagram marketing agencies, businesses can build and manage their Instagram ad campaigns. Like any advertising agency, they do a lot of the creative, production, and placement work for their clients. They offer expertise and knowledge of the Instagram ad process, and many firms test and refine ads over a campaign. This experience indicates that you’ll frequently save more money by having your agency optimize the adverts you employ than it would cost to hire the agency.

You’ll see that most of these agencies have a multi-platform strategy rather than focusing exclusively on Instagram ads because Instagram advertising integrates with Facebook Ads.

To help you build professionally designed grids, expand your audience using a mix of organic and paid techniques, and raise audience engagement, we investigated and ranked the top Instagram marketing agencies. Here is a list of the top social media marketing companies in Toronto that can help with your brand visibility on social media. 

Search + Gather

A digital marketing company that is driven by the need to deliver reliable high performance and solid outcomes.

Brand & Mortar

An award-winning full-service advertising agency in Toronto that specializes in branding and brand strategy, website design, social media management, content marketing, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and SEO (SEO). 

Brand Vision

Toronto-based Brand Vision is a reputable full-service marketing firm. Their objective is to support your vision and offer creative, tailored solutions for all of your marketing requirements. 

BlueHat Marketing

They provide every service a company could need to succeed online, including website development, social media marketing, PPC campaign management, and more.

Omni Agency

An agency that specializes in social media planning and design and has a track record of generating results through high-quality social media content.

Twinkle PPC

Twinkle PPC is a firm believer in building your brand by concentrating on the aims and purposes of your company. For greater brand exposure and reach, all of their marketing and designs are always conversion-focused.

They are a performance-driven business that focuses on PPC and social media marketing to cut your marketing expenses by over 40% while boosting revenue and ROI for your company.

They handle everything, from Google Ads to Amazon Ads, Instagram Marketing to Facebook Ads, all with an eye on your specific requirements. To assist you to reach your intended audience, the team takes advantage of the appropriate trends and hashtags. You can arrange a free call to talk through a plan.


Social media has revolutionized marketing, and Instagram has recently supplanted Facebook as the primary social media marketing platform. 

Every company or service must effectively sell itself on Instagram given how this social media platform has begun to dominate marketing activities in the digital sphere. Some of the best agencies in Toronto are those that have been highlighted above. Engaging the audience through social media marketing is the only method to achieve remarkable outcomes. Select the one that best aligns with the goals you have in mind for your business or organization.

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