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Facebook marketing presents a great opportunity for furniture companies to engage with their current or potential local customers. Homeowners spend an average of six to seven hours per week on Facebook, so you should position your business where your target audience is.

Despite modifications to its algorithm over the past year, Facebook is still one of the greatest locations to market your furniture. They are economical due to modern targeting possibilities for highly tailored adverts. With about two billion individuals on the planet each day, you can be sure to reach your target audience.

Why do you need a marketing strategy? 

Creating a furniture marketing strategy will help you build your brand, attract new customers, and boost sales. All of the major furniture retailers and numerous small furniture businesses use Facebook ads. The visual aspect of the commercials makes them beneficial for furniture stores. Showcase certain furniture items that are currently on the market in your showroom or on your website to expose your brand to your target market.

Before we delve into the hows of Facebook advertising, let’s look at some features that will ensure the best results for your campaign:

  • The Facebook Ads platform’s audience features are one of its main attributes.

For example, advertisements may target Toronto residents between the ages of 40 and 50 who have a fondness for home decor. Additionally, businesses have the option to upload customer lists from a spreadsheet to build unique audiences. Facebook then offers the adverts to the matching Facebook users by matching the data with their accounts.

  • By using Facebook’s “lookalike audiences,” you can attract clients who are identical to the group that converts the fastest. By using this feature, you may use Facebook to target a specific audience of people who are most likely to use your services.
  • You can choose which placements the adverts will appear on through the placements settings. People typically use the Instagram feed, Facebook story, Facebook feed, and Instagram story placements. 

We advise our clients to evaluate performance on each placement and switch away from underperforming features.

  • When creating a furniture marketing strategy, Facebook Marketplace should be given serious consideration. The marketplace provides a payment system for e-commerce businesses, enabling them to sell and ship furniture with ease. 

Locals looking for certain furniture pieces can see your products by advertising on Facebook Marketplace for furniture retailers in your area. Cost-wise, Facebook Marketplace advertising is free with the opportunity to advertise to boost visibility. Having said that, furniture postings on the Marketplace without a marketing budget have produced excellent results.

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