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The potential for roofing companies to expand and scale has been tantalizingly widened by digital tools. However, if you aim to expand your business on a tight budget, some techniques can be more effective than others. Facebook Ads is one of the options, and it may be a powerful tool to expand your audience, attract new clients, and boost your revenue.

Why should you use Facebook Ads?

The enormous ROI is one of Facebook Ads’ most obvious advantages. Whatever your goal, you can invest a few bucks and see a good return. Facebook Ads can be scaled, and are advertised before a huge audience on a social media platform. And lastly, Facebook has fantastic chances for branding. Everything is possible, from making a stylish film to sharing a beautiful photo with an engaging message.

You can’t rely on clients finding you online if you’re a roofer. Your business won’t show up in the top ranks of a Google search unless you have the appropriate SEO marketing techniques and services in place. 

On Facebook, however, you can use a technique known as “interrupt marketing,” which enables users to pause for a little time to watch your advertisement. The ability to control your campaign is Facebook ads’ main benefit for roofing companies. You can direct your advertisement campaigns, especially towards prospective clients that live in your service region.

Tips on how you can leverage Facebook for your campaigns

  • If you run a roofing business, focus on areas where you have just finished or will soon start a project. Take advantage of the fact that you may even specify a radius of one mile from a given address to reach potential clients.
  • Make sure to include people and human emotion in your images as a general rule when using them. When done correctly, videos can be more powerful than photo ads.
  • Customer endorsements are particularly useful because they offer social proof and demonstrate that other clients have been pleased with your enterprise. Be sure to make the offer enticing and include a call to action.  
  • Instead of sending people to your website, take advantage of Facebook’s embedded forms. Pre-qualify your leads by requesting detailed information about the services they require.
  • Keep things brief and concise. Keep your message short and straightforward. Nobody wishes to read a lengthy Facebook post or advertisement.

When used properly, Facebook Ads may be a potent tool for expanding your roofing company. They can help you set your company apart from the rest of the competitors. If you need help, we are at your disposal to help with your advertising needs.

At Twinkle PPC, we provide efficient digital marketing strategies and services to businesses all around. The basis for creating an online presence and a devoted consumer base is digital marketing. To help your roofing business expand going forward, we want to work with you as a team. Get in touch with us right away to see how Facebook ads can help your roofing business grow.

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