The answer is yes. For contractors, Facebook ads are incredibly effective. In truth, Facebook advertising is extremely effective for the majority of commercial ventures that are possible. One of the best ways to increase sales and return on investment on Facebook is to run a Facebook Ads campaign. However, launching a marketing campaign can be difficult if you’ve never done it before.

Your construction company could stand out from the competition with the help of TwinklePPC’s high-performing Facebook ads. We have a lot of experience working with contractors and construction workers to help them discover clientele on Facebook through ads.

One of the most popular social networking sites on the planet is Facebook. The platform is massive, to put it simply. In July 2022, Facebook had 2.934 billion monthly active users, making it the most “active” social media site in the world. These numbers have probably rapidly increased since then.

You are aware that advertising may be exorbitant as a contractor. You must also realize that expanding your company is crucial and that Facebook ads can help you reach as many potential clients as you want. Moreover, the fact that you have a lot of targeting options available when building your ad is one of Facebook Ads’ key advantages.

At TwinklePPC, we’ve done it all when it comes to advertising for contractors, from ranking on Google’s first page to generating the most leads for marketing campaigns.

Here are some things to keep in mind while creating a successful advertising strategy for your business:

  • Asking qualifying questions will help you identify your audience in your opening statement.
  • Direct them to your landing page or website after providing them with only enough information to catch their interest.
  • Use eye-catching graphics to prevent the target audience from scrolling.
  • Consider utilizing a scroll-stopping thumbnail if you’re using video. When selecting an image, stick to your company’s branding. Before-and-after images and previously finished projects work wonders to catch the attention of new clients.
  • You can geographically target people on Facebook (like cities or states). Put the address in the “Location” section when creating your ad set.
  • Maintaining relevance is the first best practice for Facebook Ads for Contractors. Your targeted audience should be the focus of your ad copy, visuals, and overall message.

Is all of this too much? Do you intend to give up and stop all advertising? Before you do that, what if we tell you that at TwinklePPc, we can help you expand your business online with our performance-driven targeted methods and strategies so that you get a better ROI.

Since we’ve worked with contractors, we are fully aware of the best practices for advertising strategies. For our clients, we’ve generated some remarkable outcomes, from getting your advertising to rank in the top Google sites to generating hundreds of leads using just Facebook. We would love to cooperate with you to finally get your advertising to produce the leads you desire!

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