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There are many people who have tried Facebook ads for boosting their wedding photography business. This article is not to show you the best Facebook ads examples. It’s rather to help you to understand how wedding photographers can manage advertising campaigns on Facebook and make a lot more money with this powerful platform by getting targeted wedding leads.

Tailor your Facebook ads to your specific niche. If you specialize in documentary wedding photography, then tailor your ad to that, including some quotes from recent clients and beautiful images from your portfolio. The result will be more clicks on your ad as it will speak directly to the interests of potential clients.

Include a call-to-action and an offer. By using a call-to-action phrase such as “contact me now” or “schedule a free consultation,” you are encouraging potential clients to do what you want them to: contact you!

Selection of the campaign goal

If you’re just starting out, we highly recommend that you only use the “Lead Generation” goal. You can create a gallery of your portfolio images and add it to the ad creatives. It’d be better if you create a form in Facebook itself instead of linking the ad to your website and have potential customers fill out the form there. There are two reasons for it:

a. The attention span of people is very less. So, it is better if we let them fill out their details in as little time as possible.

b. As it is linked with Facebook, customers don’t need to spend time filling out the form. All the details will be pre-filled.

We can help you create a multi-step ad campaign that shows users your services and increases the chance of them converting. Get in touch with us today for a FREE quote on how we can help you increase your digital presence.

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