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Reddit is one of the most popular social media platforms without a doubt. It receives more than 400 million monthly users and consists of more than 100k communities. Not only that, 48% of its total user base comes from the U.S. This data shows how useful advertising on Reddit can be if it is targeted well.

How does Reddit advertising work?

Reddit advertising works similar to any other platform and if you’ve experienced working with Facebook Ads, you will easily be able to adapt to this platform. The account is divided into three sections: 

  1. Campaigns
  2. Ad groups 
  3. Ads

Campaigns are divided into five objectives: 

  1. Brand awareness & reach
  2. Traffic 
  3. Conversions
  4. Video views 
  5. App Installs

You can see it is a lot less complex than the goal selection option of Facebook or Google Ads. You will be charged based on the goals you select i.e. cost per thousand, cost per view or cost per click.

The next section is the ad group where you select your targeting. The targeting is segmented into three groups: 

  1. Interest based
  2. Community based
  3. Location based

As the name of each group indicates, interest-based targeting allows you to select specific audience interests such as pets, technology, gaming, travel, television, etc. Community-based targeting allows you to target specific subreddits or communities. Location targeting allows you to select the locations where you want your ads to show.

Then, you select placements. You can either select to show the ads on user feeds or under subreddits conversations or both. Select the budget for your ad group and the bid per click, per view or per thousand based on the goal you selected. The last part is to select the creatives and copy for the ad. You can either create a separate post for the promotion or select an organic one.

And you are ready to go live. A really good thing is under ad groups, it actually shows you expected cost per click for the selected audience and the size of the audience.

At twinkleppc, we can help you set up your Reddit campaigns to meet your goals & objectives. With over 1.3 billion users in the last six months, Reddit advertising could be really useful for your business with proper targeting and frequent optimizations. 

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