facebook lead ads for real estate marketing

If you are a real estate broker or an agent and not making use of the Facebook Ads, you’re undoubtedly missing a lot of new leads. Marketing your listings on Facebook or Instagram can turn out to be one of the best steps. The cost per lead is usually high compared to other conversion campaigns but imagine you’re getting a lead for a cost of $20 which eventually happens to make a purchase. This can get you more than 1000% return depending on the amount of purchase.

When it comes to Facebook Lead Ads, there are certain restrictions from Facebook that we need to follow. We can’t target gender, age range, specific interests, etc. So, the targeting is very limited. But on the other hand, Facebook UI is really smart. We need to let Facebook know that we are targeting a special ad category (as shown in the below screenshot). If our ads are related to credit, employment or housing, we need to declare them to Facebook.

The Facebook UI then detects automatically the best potential audience for our campaigns. Of course, we need to select locations where we want our ads to show. Select campaign objective as Lead Generation and start creating ad sets.

Facebook offers three different lead collection methods:

  1. Instant Forms
  2. Automated Chat
  3. Calls

Select the page with which you want your ads to be linked and we recommend keeping the detail targeting off. Based on our experience, we generated better results with detailed targeting off and a broader audience compared to the ad set in which detailed targeting was turned ON (check the below screenshot).

At last under ad settings, create a form and upload the ads. We’d suggest starting with an image ad as they have performed well in this industry. Creating a form is super easy and you just need to select the questions (ideally Name, Email & Phone No.), add privacy policy and enter your thank you message.

Make sure to add the URL parameters in order to track the conversions better and you’re good to go. These are just the basic steps in order to launch a real estate marketing campaign on Facebook & Instagram. Feel free to get in touch with us if you’d like a free consultation re how we can help you generate more leads through Facebook and Instagram marketing.

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