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The world’s most widely used marketing platform right now is Facebook. With more than 2.7 billion active users, the social media powerhouse has grown, and it has expanded its advertising network to include a wide range of businesses.

Moreover, based on your marketing goals, Facebook’s in-depth targeting system enables you to target a specific individual or group of individuals rather than merely a large audience. You can select your target audience for Facebook advertisements and create a campaign around them. The best aspect is that it will connect with customers who have already engaged with your brand, making it a simple tool to sustain interaction.

How to leverage this? 

One of the top methods to ensure that your Facebook marketing approach generates the best results is to work with an experienced social media marketing agency.

By giving you access to a trained team of marketers, designers, and developers, these companies typically offer your company a turnkey solution for marketing your business on Facebook. If you need help finding the best agency for you, here is a list of the top 7 Facebook Marketing Agencies in Burlington:

  1. Creative Agency

Since 2009, ICS Creative Firm has assisted thousands of businesses with brand marketing and site design as a full-service creative agency.

  1. Jan Kelly

Jan Kelley is an independent, Canadian-owned creative digital agency. They devote time and energy to creating innovation-focused partnerships, creating proprietary procedures that increase efficiency or learning to use more than 200 digital tools to help us understand the newest trends.

  1. Sims Advertising

Gary and Randy Sims founded Sims Advertising on November 1, 1991, fueled by a love of advertising and a commitment to provide the best customer service.

  1. Noetic Marketer 

Their team of specialists has particular expertise in digital marketing for universities, online retailers, organizations that offer professional services, and independent contractors.

  1. OKD Marketing

Located in Burlington, Canada, OKD Marketing is a full-service integrated marketing and communications firm. With 52 people on their team and a history dating back to 1981, OKD offers services in advertising, web development, social media marketing, and digital strategy.

  1. Convex Studio 

They provide successful web marketing campaigns for your business. They offer a variety of services, such as website design, social media marketing, search engine optimization, and more.

  1. Twinkle PPC

Our mission lies in focusing on your goals, and adding value to your business will promote the growth of your brand. To grow the audience for your company, every one of their designs and campaigns is always conversion-focused.

They handle everything, from Google Ads to Amazon Ads, Instagram Marketing to Facebook Ads, all with an eye on your specific requirements. To assist you to reach your intended audience, the team takes advantage of the appropriate trends and hashtags.


Facebook today is regarded as one of the most effective marketing platforms a business can use, even though it originally served as a platform to help people connect with friends and family. It’s the perfect platform for companies to grow their customer base and strengthen their brand identification. If done properly, Facebook marketing may provide businesses of any size and type unmatched advantages. 

We hope that the list of Facebook Marketing Agencies is of help to you. Feel free to get in touch with us if you need any assistance.

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