facebook marketing for eCommerce stores

Creating a Facebook ad campaign is a great way to reach out to new customers and grow your business. But before you can create an effective campaign, you need to understand the basics of ad targeting.

Ad targeting basics

Facebook allows you to target your ads to specific demographics, interests, and behaviours. You can also target people who live in a certain area, or who have visited your website in the past.

Once you understand the basics of ad targeting, you can start creating your Facebook ad campaign. The first step is to create an ad account. Then, you’ll need to create a campaign and select your target audience.

Best practices for writing ads

The two most important parts of any advertisement are the headline and the body copy. The best way to create a strong ad is to have both these elements work together in unison, combining for an impactful message that will not only grab people’s attention but also keep them engaged.

What is ROAS and how do you calculate it?

Understanding ROAS and tracking it right can help you increase your profit by a really good degree. To calculate it, divide the total revenue generated by your ads by the amount you’ve spent on them. But that’s not it. Facebook actually shows the ROAS but a lot of times, it is not the right data. The chances of data discrepancies are high when it comes to Facebook pixel tracking. You need to match the data you received from the Facebook pixel with the data hits on Google Analytics.

This is where you need an expert’s help. If you’re looking to start marketing you’re eCommerce store through Facebook Ads, get in touch with us today and let’s discuss more.

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