dental practitioner facebook ads

Nowadays you can create a successful Facebook Ad campaign in minutes. While for many people this newer way to advertise feels more comfortable and safe, the internet is still primarily a place based on trust and personal recommendations. If you are a dental practitioner you know that you have to target your audience very specifically to make a profit, but how do you go about doing that?

Creating an ad is easy, generating leads is the real challenge

Let’s say you put an ad up on Facebook. You see someone click on the ad, but you don’t have the greatest landing page. You still have to pay for every click on your ads, so your paid traffic strategy was sub-optimal. Now it’s hard for you to recover from these lost visitors and customers.

How to get started? Do you need a lot of campaigns?

You don’t need a lot of different types of campaigns. Just one with a conversion goal of messages or leads would be sufficient enough to get started or even to scale. You can target locations around 25-40 km from your service area. If we have a separate budget to create awareness, a reach or traffic campaign can also be created. Keep in mind the conversion rates under the reach awareness campaign would be comparatively but that’s why we assign a separate budget for it in order to get traffic on the website and create awareness. In the same way, the cost to reach 1000 people would be comparatively less than a conversion campaign.

What if you don’t have an idea about potential patients’ interests or online behaviour?

For someone just starting out, the best strategy would be to upload an email list and create a lookalike audience. It would be really hard initially to predict what kinds of interests and behaviours our potential audience might have. We find some new patients by targeting a lookalike audience, researching their interests and behaviours and eventually creating another campaign that matches those targets.

Often, people don’t know how to strategize a Facebook Ad campaign specifically for their target audience. With so many adverts out there, it can be quite difficult to get things started. This is where we come in. We help you create a multi-step ad campaign that shows users your services and increases the chance of them converting. Get in touch with us today for a FREE quote on how we can help you increase your digital presence.

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