facebook ads for jewelry stores

Jewelry companies have been using Facebook Ads for years to improve ROI by targeting customized audiences, with ad creatives that naturally fit in with their brands. Sales can dramatically grow with the right Facebook advertising strategy. But, so many jewelry store owners don’t have an idea where to start. They have no clue on how to implement Facebook ads effectively and to get the best bang for their buck. Learning how to use Facebook ads for your jewelry store is critical to your business growth.

Jewelry stores that can’t see the benefit of Facebook ads are, without question, missing out. That’s not to say that they should have their entire advertising budget tied up in Facebook—after all, you have to divide your budget among a variety of online ad options to make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck. But if Jewelry stores don’t dip their toes at least a little into paid social media advertising, they’re almost certainly making a mistake.

Facebook ads can work for jewelry stores in various ways: selling directly to consumers, selling wholesale to retailers or both. Jewelry is an extremely visual product and lends itself well to social media sites like Facebook. Targeting advertising towards people in your local area is another great way to find potential customers quickly and easily on Facebook. When people become fans of your page, they will receive updates about new products that are added to the site, which is a great way for customers to learn about the latest trends and pieces that you offer.

How To Get Started?

Start a campaign with either a goal of conversions or catalogue sales. Some countries are restricted to start a catalogue sales campaign. So, the best and most efficient option initially would be to start a conversions campaign. We can select the “Purchase” pixel event provided the pixel is installed correctly.

How To Setup Targeting?

Initially, we can create two different ad sets: Broad interest groups and lookalikes of website visitors. If it is a new account, the best approach would be to create 2-3 ad sets with stacked interest groups. Once we launch the campaign and start getting data, we can optimize it based on the performance of the ad groups or ad creatives.

The above steps are really basic and fundamental. In order to get the best results, it is recommended to test different strategies, campaigns, ad sets and creatives, find the best-performing ones and scale as much as we can. We can help you create a multi-step ad campaign that shows users your products and increases the chance of them converting. Get in touch with us today for a FREE quote on how we can help you increase your digital presence.

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